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Fighter of the Week: Cub Swanson

Cub Swanson is out here brawling and winning! Recently (April 22, 2017) Swanson was awarded "fight of the night." as he defeated a competitive challenger in Artem Lobov (sparring partner to Conor McGregor). Artem Lobov is a fighter known to have powerful strikes and good endurance. Watching these two duke it out reminded me of Terminator vs. T - 1000. Lobov kept on getting punched, kicked and thrown but never shied away from the fight. Cub Swanson showcased a style of fighting that was entertaining to watch. He was tactical, fast-paced and engaging. Before this bout, Cub Swanson earned another UFC "fight of the night" (...ANOTHER ONE - DJ Khalid voice) when he competed against Doo Ho Choi. The fight between Swanson and Choi was even more entertaining than the Lobov fight. Swanson mixed up his technique and held his composure after being hit ridiculous hard by Doo Ho Choi. During the match, one UFC commentator said even as good as this fight is his earlier victory against Tatsuya Kawajiri was even more impressive than Choi and Lobov.

Cub Swanson is now on a four-fight win streak and currently ranked 4th in the UFC's Featherweight class. He's won 10 out of his last 12 fights (4 TKOs, two submissions, and four decisions). Apparently, some people were writing Swanson off into retirement. His response after these impressive victories "Don't ever question me again." When asked who he wants to step into the cage with next he called for matches of redemption against opponents who beat him in the past. Specifically, Max Holloway (17 -3) and Jose Aldo (26 -2).

Cub Swanson! from the WEC back in 2006 to putting on top notch performances in the UFC! I used to watch his matches on WEC. I think they played a lot of reruns (but anyway). His progression in skill level is motivation! In previous interviews and such, he talked about how he had to retrain his self, to forget what he already knows about martial arts and fighting and build himself up again. I'll be watching to see more progression from him as he climbs the championship mountain!

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