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Creed III: Where is Adonis, and what's next?

Big news! A new box office chapter is being developed in the Adonis Creed era. Adonis Creed, the longtime pugilist student of the great Rocky Balboa, has been off the radar for a couple of years, but we won't have to wait much longer to see what the champ's been up to as he's preparing for a return to the box office in November 2022.

Image: Shutterstock

The details are few, but what I've gathered about his return to the box office has been telling more so what we should not expect more than what we should presume. For instance, Sylvester Stallone no longer holds the keys to the franchise; instead, Michael B. Jordan steps up to the controls as he will be starring in "Creed 3" as well as directing and producing.

I think this is an exciting pivot in the franchise direction; Sly Stallone brought us greatness in the "Rocky" Balboa franchise. Then, like a great mentor, he guided the Adonis "Creed" franchise development as far as he could. Now it's time to see what the seasoned star Michael B. Jordan can offer us sports movie fanatics from a leadership (director/producer) front.

Michael B. Jordan had been a dominant lead since the origin of "Creed" back in 2016. He'll be the third director in the franchise series, and I'm bullish on the idea he'll bring a great level of entertainment to the legacy of the film.

As for Adonis, the man who's been working on defining his own glory, what's next? He's already made a name for himself apart from his father when he put on an impressive performance against Ricky Conlan where he came up short on a split decision, then went on a six-fight KO win streak, then went on to beat up the scary Russian in a rematch. So, what goals is Adonis Creed set to conquer next?

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