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Under Armour Breaking Strides with HOVR Phantom 2 Running Shoes

Earlier this year (2020), Under Armour (UA) released a new running shoe, the HOVR Phantom 2. After breaking down the specifications on this shoe, I'm sure most would agree Under Armour is creating new strides in the realm of personally tracking physical performance through apparel.

When your wearing Phantom 2 running shoes, you will have the improvements of a lightweight shoe made for comfort, balance, and impact control. You can also expect something new (new to me at least), with Bluetooth technology embedded inside the shoe, making it possible for runners to gain a bevy of analytics from their running style by connecting to UA MapMyFitness mobile application.

The most compelling feature is called Cadence, by connecting your HOVR shoes to the Under Armours MapMyFitness app, runners can get real-time steps per minute analytics keeping your stride at the ideal speed, for example, if you are running too fast, in the target range, or below the target range. This feature is notably helpful when you're trying to get that new mile time.

Another impressive component is the Foot Strike Angle - In my humble opinion, this feature will also come in handy to decrease mile times and potentially reduce injury.

You can own a pair of UA HOVR Phantom 2 Running Shoes for $150. If you are someone who has been looking for help getting in better shape or even wants some encouragement along those cross country runs, I'd consider making this purchase.


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