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Top 3 Training Vest for Summertime Training Sessions

Training is all about having the right tools to get the best into your workout. Recently I've decided to up my game and grab some training vest. Here are three main benefits to working out with a Vest:

Reflective Night Running Vest:

I'm a 5:30 A.M type of runner. There's something special about smelling the morning air, the wet grass, and the silence in the air. It's not always bright enough for the early morning sometimes distracted commuters to spot us. I like to be comfortable while I'm running and not having to think about distracted drivers swerving in my direction is worth the

investment to me.

Hydration Vest:

Probably my favorite vest to make this list; why? Because I'm not a fan of lugging large gallons of water along while I'm working out? Hydration vests are easy to dismiss and think you can endure without one (I'm sure you can); however, they come in handy for multiple occasions, not only running but on family trips touring new cities or lounging out at the beach. You will need to use some extra care because the containers will require cleaning after use.

Weight Vest:

Why? Because I like the challenge of the extra weight while I'm hiking up a mountain. There's a large variety of these weighted vests, so you can add or remove weight as you see fit.

*Bonus Vest* Hiking Vest:

When the weather is a little chilly, windy, or rainy and you still want to work out with your valuables close by, these hiking vests get the job done for the days of training outside.

Thank you for supporting Naturl Grappler, I appreciate your support. The products listed here are suggestions there are a ton of vest out there for you to try. The styles I listed here are to help guide you on the variety and styles. These items were researched on as part of their affiliate program.


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