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Fight Island is official: Nate Diaz calls out Welterweights

Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns has been scheduled to headline the first of four UFC events on Fight Island. The anticipated event became official as Dana White made the announcement today on ESPN's First Take. Overall the news has pleased the MMA community but, Nate Diaz reaction to the news was different.

"This is what’s wrong with people claiming they’re fighters settling for less cause they know they’re not worth s*** you should’ve fought the next guy in line not the guy who would take less cause he’s told too that’s why no one will remember you guys This isn’t a title fight" - Nate Diaz

Sounds good, but Nate missed the plot on this one. Gilbert Burns vs Kamaru Usman is precisely the type of fight the UFC needs. MMA fans have been imploring the UFC for several things; one in particular, UFC fans want the organization to get back into creating fights based on their rankings, opposed to making super fights. Usman vs. Burns is a matchup that fits the bill. Gilbert Burns is an emerging martial artist expecting to win his third fight in five months. It is a tough task taking on Welterweight champion Kamru Usman, who is coming off an instant classic K.O victory against one of the biggest stars in the sport.

I admit, Nate Diaz does have a point, these are prizefighters, and being appropriately compensated for their sacrifice as high revenue-generating martial artist. I cannot and will not attempt to dispute that point. But suggesting Usman is taking an easy fight or that he is not fighting a deserving opponent does not make sense. If Burns is not the next guy in line, who is?

The bottom line, Usman vs. Burns, is the right fight to make; however, it is up to these two competitors to make this championship bout memorable.


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