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5 Reason to download the Nike Fitness App

What's your excuse for not working out? Not enough hours in the day? Do you need a trainer to make sure you are being held accountable? Is your favorite binge show occupying your free time and working out just doesn’t seem worth the effort? Friends… Grapplers let’s do better together, let's get in shape one day at a time and now we can do it from the comfort of anywhere. Anywhere? Yes. Anywhere! With a growing family and a full work schedule, finding time to get on the road and drive into the gym (between office hours) is rough!

Allow me to introduce you to the Nike Fitness App. Let me take a step back and tell you how I found the app. I started my Saturday morning watching some UFC fight promo of Cody Garbrant preparing to fight TJ Dillashaw. Cody was talking about beating up TJ and that was entertaining, but Garbrant caught my attention when he started talking about the importance of drinking water first thing in the morning. After watching the promo I was motivated. I felt like rushing outside and going beast mode with a workout. Following through with my adrenaline rush I drove up to my local park to do some sprints. I thought back to the fitness challenges I use to compete in with my old wrestling buddies. Boom! I go to the app store search “Nike” I noticed they had not only a running app but a fitness app too. Five minutes later the fitness app has me engaged and I’m out in the park training like a pro.

My experience with the app has been great so far. I can choose the type of workout I do, the muscle group I want to focus on and they even offer a professional athlete workout: I can train like Michael B Jordan from the movies Black Panther and Creed I and Creed II or Cristiano Ronaldo the famous International Futbol star.

No Weights no Problem

This app has almost one hundred workout routines that do not include weights. The variety in exercise and stretches serves me well. Warning, this is the part where I need to advise you to consult your doctors before performing any type of physical activity. These workouts are weight free but still very challenging.

Why am I loving the Nike App?

1. The app takes the guessing work out for me to decide which exercises I need to do.

2. I can always review the workout form and technique to make sure I am getting the most out of my work.

3. Scheduling is important. This app gives you a weekly plan so I can plan my 15 minutes or 45 minutes workout accordingly and I can do it from home or outside.

If you have been searching for way to get in shape and learn proper ways to work out do not go another day without giving the Nike Fitness App a try. As in do a workout, dedicate 30 minutes today. After you try it, let me know what you think about it.

***Special In-app features***

  • Workout How.

  • Browse by Muscle Group.

  • Browse by Workout Type.

  • Browse Workout Collections.

5 Reason to use the Nike Fitness App

  • Great for Getting a gym workout at home.

  • Personalized to meet you at your skill level.

  • A variety workout lengths 15 minute - 45 minute.

  • Step by step instructions that you can pause and learn the correct form.

  • Workouts range from workouts with weights and w/out weights.

- Naturl Grappler


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