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Neyo Good Man, great album.

Neyo, my guy. Welcome back! Yes. The real is back! This man had all the hits back in the early 2000’s “So Sick, Go on girl, Miss Independent, Mad, Closer, etc. etc. Disclaimer: Tough guys have R&B playlist. I’m digging this new album Neyo dropped on June 8th properly titled “Good Man”. What a dope name for a album name. In a society where so called bad boys run the scene, this album will relate to the man going through his dog stage, the “damn I messed up a good thing” phase, I got my S*it together phase and the dang can I just hear a song with a dope beat moment. If I’m really being honest with myself I’d tell you that this album plays out like a mans personal journal about relationships. It’s not depressing and Neyo mixes the bpm’s up along with intriguing lyrics you can vibe out or get in your feelings (Man up dawg). When you go to listen to the album be sure to check out the album cover art. The artwork symbolizes the process a caterpillar needing to live through it's growing pains to become a butterfly. The message gets deep when you understand what happens when the caterpillar is in the cocoon, it must develop then fight its way out of the cocoon. If the caterpillar is helped out the cocoon chance are it dies. Hints needing to go through growing pains to be the Good Man you knew you were.

Shout out to Neyo for putting the good vibes out here for us. The album is 20 tracks, perfect for the summer road trips. I give the album 4 mic’s out of 5 because I feel like it is a solid album and provides what you want from a Neyo album but since he is vet in the R&B game I wanted that premier track to really be timeless. Title track on this album I believe is “Good Man” and it is a very nice track and it’ll be on my personal playlist but only time will tell if it is commercially received. If I’m being honest he shouldn’t worry about that but its the music business. I don’t know anything about that. This is my personal taste as a thoughtful jock/poet. Check out the album and let me know what you think. Naturl Grappler signing out.

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