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Joy Taylor is leaving FS1 Undisputed

Whoa! Who saw this coming? Joy Taylor will no longer be the moderator on FS1’s hit daytime debate show "Skip and Shannon Undisputed". I loved Joy Taylor on this show, the trio of Skip, Shannon and Joy had some of the best chemistry I’ve seen on a talk show in while, This team debates passionately on major sports topics. At times Joy stole the show with her ability to furnish her opinion on major sports and political issues.

Joy will not be missed on air for long, she will be co hosting on FS1 “The Herd w/Colin Cowherd”. Joy will not be a new face to “the Herd” she’s done plenty of fill in moderator roles. But I hope now that she is full time Joy will have a larger platform to give her POV. **STAY FOCUSED** Just to be clear I am not the largest Joy Taylor fan. I don't agree with all of her statements but she makes valid points most of the time and makes dialogue funny at times. Joy's humble beginning in sports broadcast began on an A.M radio station out of Miami, FLA and these days the spotlight for Joy is beginning to shine brighter. Possibly in the future we will have a Joy Taylor sports show of her own on FS1 but in the meantime If you haven’t heard of Joy Taylor check her out on FS1 or her podcast “Maybe I’m Crazy”. See the link below.

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