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Tech Noise: Episode 1 Under Armor Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

As a top notch athlete you need to find ways to get the competitive edge for game day. We would all agree that performance recovery is a major area of focus.

After a long days and a grueling practice. The training is not done, We have to be conscious of what we’re eating for sure but how many athletes consider Sleep as a key factor in their training?

This may be news to some younger athletes and maybe even the professionals but, scientific studies suggest that more sleep leads to a clear mind and better physical recovery.

What if you could capitalize on your new sleep routine even more? Under Armour and Tom Brady hope to show us the way with Sleep Wear Technology.

Under Armor is known for bridging the gap between athlete performance and technology. In 2017 Under Armor showcased their breakthrough technology at the Consumer Electronics Show.

According to Under Armor they are fuzing comfortable sleepwear with bioceramic print on the inside layer. The bioceramic print uses electromagnetic energy from our body and absorbs that energy and pushes it back into our body. This technology is reported to help with a faster recovery and promote better sleep.

the motto is “Rest - Win - Repeat”

So, are you going to invest in your sleep with Under armor sleepwear? Drop your comments and let me know.

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