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The Mad King Mcgregor falls to Mayweather

Personally, I wasn't sure if I wanted to pay $99 to watch a guy with 0 professional boxing matches vs. Floyd Mayweather. But this was must see tv. What if Mcgregor knocks Mayweather out in the 1st round like he said he would?

What if wearing 8oz gloves is the advantage Mcgregor needs to land that power left hand? After all, it only takes one solid punch to shock the whole world. So yeah I wasn't going to miss this. I stepped out to a local wing spot to watch the fight; the crowd was growing impatient waiting for the main event. It felt like a soccer stadium; the fan pool was 50/50 Mcgregor and Mayweather the tension was light with a side of lemon pepper and hot wings.

Mcgregor is a man sets his sights higher than any MMA star before his time! Remember when Mcgregor fought in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland knocking out Diego Brandao with in the first round? Mcgregor told us exactly what he was here for

"we're not here to take part; we're here to take over!" - Conor Mcgregor.

Since then the man has rattled off victories against legends in record setting time and kicked every competitor who wanted his position down the hill. His rise to super star status reminds me of the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones." Mcgregor won two belts simultaneously in the UFC. That alone is an amazing accomplishment, but the Mad King wants more so he attacks the king of boxing; the UNDEFEATED, arguably the best boxer ever, Mr 49 - 0, Mr. Floyd Money Mayweather. August 26th, 2017 these two met in the boxing ring. Let the critics tell it. They said Mcgregor would be "out classed" in this pugilist sport. Sports analysts said the two division champion of the UFC couldn't last more than six rounds in the boxing ring with Mayweather. Some even went as far to say "Mcgregor couldn't land a single punch on Floyd" - Max Kellerman.

Well, the fight is now over, and Mcgregor will hold his head high knowing he shut up some of his critics. I wouldn't say it was the most competitive match I have ever watched. But Mcgregor showed he was competitive. Conor landed on target, crisp uppercuts and counter punches against Mayweather. In the first six rounds, I had Mcgregor winning three and one possible. The mad king Mcgregor did what the experts said he would need to do to win: he was the bully, he made the boxing match sloppy and scrappy. But the mad king ran into an ambush named CARDIO.

King of the money team Mayweather methodically attacked the body of Mcgregor, and by the sixth bell, the ebb and flow shifted in Mayweather's direction. Mayweather noticed how Conor lowered his hands and was not defending his face. Floyd unleashed a highlight reel of power punches to the face of Mcgregor. Floyd switched the rhythm of his punches throughout the fight. Mcgregor was slowing down, and the signs that the mad king would fall were becoming evident. Mayweather continued to strike the body and head of Conor. Then in the 10th round, Mayweather's on slot of straight right-hand punches were damaging enough for the referee to call the match.

Victory Mayweather via KO. Hats off to the mad King Mcgregor; he lost the fight but earned everyone's respect. In the words of Jay-Z "Legacy, Legacy, Legacy." Mcgregor will return to his throne as UFC royalty, beaten but not broken. His fellow fighters have already expressed their support and gratitude for being the 1st Mixed Martial artist to att

ack the world of boxing. But, let's not forget. Mcgregor still had to bend the knee to the boxing King Mr. 50 - 0 Floyd Money Mayweather. The fight didn't end with the shocking headline everyone hoped for, but it was a fight for our lifetime. That night when a Mixed Martial artist called out the best boxer in the world, laced up the boxing gloves and knocked on the door of being the greatest champion combat sports has ever seen. And at the very least it didn't take four years like Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Cheers!

image credit: Boss Logic

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