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SZA a soulful singer who found her way into music on a whim, thanks to encouragement from her brother, her self-awareness, and her drive to live life to the rhythm of her internal wave has released her long awaited album appropriately titled CTRL. Windows 96' comes to my mind, saturated with the reality of grappling with life; How fitting. "I need to be in control, I've never had control; I love to pretend, I love the lie, the chase, the need. I also like relinquishing control and accepting that this moment is not mine." - SZA (SZA and Ebro Darden on Beats 1 interview). This Album is her first studio album released on June 9th, 2017. CTRL feels like a classic 90's album, the infusion of authentic live instruments and talented producers brings nostalgia.

I had been hearing rumbling about this album for a few weeks. I wasn't anticipating this album, but on June 9th I left work, the drive home on the highway was smooth, only a handful of soccer moms, 18 wheelers and a couple of sedans cramped with H.S kids jamming out. I was driving towards my exit but elected to cruise the highway instead, I inserted my AUX cable, opened Tidal, pressed play on CRTL, and the rest of the drive was bliss. Every track hit my ears like Woah! The stories, beats, her mama's words, transitions and her interpretation of these emotions makes this album one that will be relevant beyond summer 17'. SZA is not new to the music game; her last project received a lot of praise just not to the level of CTRL.

The 1st lady of TOP DAWG Entertainment has previous projects dating back to 2012 "See.SZA.Run", in 2013 SZA released "S," and in 2014 SZA released "Z." I guess it was around 2014 when I first heard about SZA she had amazing songs "Babylon" and a song with Chance the Rapper "Childs Play." There were some other great songs she made without features; I was more into hip hop, so songs with Isaiah Rashad and Kendrick Lamar sparked my interest. Looking back at SZA's millennial career I am happy to see/hear SZA's music can stand the test of time. CTRL is the most comprehensive project she has released. Here is a sample of SZA's art.

SZA - Broken Clocks (audio) via VEM)

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