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TBE: Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson

TBE? or not TBE, yet?

Grapplers, Welcome.

Congratulations to Demetrious Johnson. This man just defended his title for the 10th time in a row! At his fight conference, Johnson spoke about winning the next fight and taking a photo with all of his championship belts won on the journey to being a ten-time defending UFC Flyweight champion. Is Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson The. Best. Ever?

2006 Demetrious Johnson began his amateur MMA career with a TKO victory in the first round. In his second MMA fight, Demetrious won by submission. In 2007 Demetrious Johnson became a professional MMA fighter. Winning his first ten fights: 8 by submission or TKO and two by judges scoring. In 2012 at UFC 152 Demetrious Johnson defeated Joseph Benavidez by split judges decision to become the UFC’s 1st and only Flyweight champion! On the night of April 15th, 2017 Demetrious Johnson defended his title for the 10th time in a row by defeating Wilson Reis by Armbar submission. There are only about five other UFC fighters with win streaks tallying eleven victories in a row and even fewer who have had eleven fight win streaks while defending the UFC title, George “Rush” St. Pierre and Anderson “the Spider” Silva. When asked about what this victory means for his legacy Johnson replied

“You know what, I think the crowd recognized it. You know? GSP, Anderson Silva their great champions, But I'm the best champion to ever step inside this octagon! I’m finishing my opponents. There’s not another champ out here who can mix it up; wrestle, strike, clinch. I mean ladies and gentlemen thank you to Matt Hume and Brad Kerston it's all to them and everybody at AMC…”

Anderson Silva holds the UFC title defense record with eleven total. Whether or not Demetrious Johnson goes for that record, we'll have to wait and see. There is talk about having opponents Cody “No Love” Garbrandt or Dominic “the Dominator” Cruz to drop down in weight to fight the man currently known as the greatest UFC champion Demetrious Johnson.

I watched Johnson vs. Reis at UFC 24 on Fox. This fight was impressive. Johnson won by armbar submission in the third round. But before that round, Demetrious Johnson showcased the whole gambit with excellent timing on his punches, kicks, defense, takedowns and submissions. Wilson Reis came into this fight with a professional record of 28 professional fights and a record of 22 - 6. What will the UFC do? Create a “super fight” between Garbrandt or Cruz or hit the Rolodex and give the next flyweight warrior his chance to upset the man on top of the MMA mountain?

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