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UFC on FOX 24: Jeremy Stephens falls to New comer Renato Moicano

Jeremy Stephens vs. Renato Moicano

Renato Moicano def. Jeremy Stephens by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

This fight was fascinating, Jeremy Stephens, a UFC veteran has competed in 39 professional mixed martial arts fights and has won twenty-five of those fights, eighteen of the victories were by submission or TKO! I watched this match not knowing anything about Renato Moicano. Both fighters opted to not partake in any handshake or ceremonious “fist bump.” Instead, both fighters met in the center of the octagon and within seconds exchanged leg kicks. In the first 30 seconds of the round, Moicano threw about seven kicks, and Stevens threw out about six punches and four kicks. Early on in the fight, I recognized Moicano’s relentless leg kick attacks inside leg kicks, body kicks, shin kicks and of course high kicks aimed towards Stephens' head. Moicano cycled around the outside of the ring the entire round, while Stephens stayed in pursuit. Stephens was able to box Mocaino into the cage, and on occasion land devastating body punches. Moicano used Stephens forward aggression to counter attack him with a right elbow, Mocaino then ducked under a Stephens punch scored points using a double leg takedown. Moicano would finish the round in the top position.

2nd round Moicano lands the first contact, but Stephens responded immediately. Stephens attempted a takedown, looked like he had this takedown sealed because he had both legs trapped but Moicano was able to hip down and extend his legs, “cut the corner, ” and he avoided the takedown! At this point in the fight, the momentum was on Moicanos side. Stephens continued to throw heavy punches as Moicano Remained poised, Moicano showed the willingness to stand and exchange punches with Stephens, most of those exchanges were in Moicanos' favor. Halfway through the 2nd round, Moicano received boo’s from the crowd as he turned his back to Stephens and jogged away from from the action, this happened once again @ the end of the round as well.

3rd round Stephens lands the first hit using a shin kick to the left leg of Moicano, Jeremy Stephens continued to pressure forward, but Moicano would shift his head out of the way and on the way out of the exchange land two solid three-punch combinations. Shortly after the exchange Moicano landed his second takedown of the match using a body lock, Moicano opted to allow Stephens back to his feet where he continued to shuffle on the outside with Stephens in pursuit. The crowd booed Moicano as he ran from Stephens but answered back with another three punch combination. Moicano went on to land more punch combinations. At the end of the match, my impression was that Moicano won by securing two takedowns to zero by Stephens and the amount of punches and kicks that did damage to Stephens. Moicano is now 11 - 0, the last three victories were all UFC victories.

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