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Legacy Fighting Alliance LFA 8 Scoggins vs. Puerta. and Jeremie Holloway vs. Dave Vitkay.

On April 7th, 2017 Legacy Fighting Alliance put on a great event. Greenville, SC hosted Legacy Fighting Alliance 8 at the TD Convention Center. I enjoyed all the fights and wanted to recap two bouts in particular.


Jarred Scoggins (6-1) v. Juan Puerta (11 - 6)

The first round started out with Jarred Scoggins establishing control of the match with a lot grappling and forcing Juan Puerta into the cage with no room to create any counter moves. Scoggins used great body pressure and wrist control up against the cage which allowed him to throw in fast punches to the face and body of Puerta. In the second round, Scoggins stuck to his game plan, initiating contact and using his grappling to force Puerta’s back against the cage where he was able to use a mixture of boxing and wrist control to impose his dominance. There was a slight break in the grappling and both fighters exchanged crafty straight hand and counter punches, Puerta began to pressure forward and caught Scoggins mid kick where he was able to take down Scoggins, Puerta was unable to establish ground control. Third round, Scoggins was in complete control, using his grappling, dirty boxing and the consistent pressure, was able to secure the unanimous decision victory over Puerta, the judges scored it (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). For the winner of this bout, it was a was a bounce back performance improving Scoggins winning record from 5 -1 up to 6 wins and 1 loss.


Jeremie Holloway (8-2) against Dave Vitkay (18-13-1)

Jeremie Holloway was very impressive going up against an opponent with an equally impressive fight record. Both fighters have won a majority of their bouts with finishes either by submission or TKO punches. This match would end in similar fashion. Holloway seemed like he was just shadowboxing in the ring, I could almost see him counting his punches and steps. Vitkay chose to stand and fight versus going for a takedown. Holloway continued to lurk Vitkay around the ring. Vitkay threw out a check kick which Holloway was able to catch in mid-air. Then, landed a counter right hand which sent Vitkay retreating backward, Vitkay would recover and make his way forward, playing mostly defense and shielding his chin. Holloway continued to pressure forward landing jabs and left handed straight punch that sent Vitkay down to the canvas. Vitkay was able to recover back up to his feet. Holloway began to open up using his punching power to landing uppercuts, left hooks and right-hand punches to finish the fight via TKO 1st round at 2 minutes and 55 seconds. Jeremie Holloway is on a two fight win Streak improving his professional record to 8 and 2.

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