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4 Reason to join a martial arts gym (The Series)

Reason #3 The Change of Pace Workout

When I get ready for a workout, there seems to be two options, we have the traditional gyms where Im running on a treadmill and stacking weights on barbells or step into a martial arts gym where I lace up my boxing shoes and bow before stepping onto the mat, the feeling is all the same. My adrenaline is running, I have a smile on my face and i’m ready to have a great workout. It’s a rewarding after were all done, I love counting the reps, controlling my breathing pattern and feeling the burn run through my muscles! Sheesh its 5 A.M and I just convinced myself to get a good workout in right now! But before I do lets get into reason number 3 to train martial arts!

The change of pace workout.

Personally I prefer stepping into to martial arts gyms opposed to a traditional gym because I can let out my frustration in a fast pace, active environment. All martial arts gyms will have instructors to make sure you get the best coaching. You will practice your technique either on a heavy punching bag or you will have a training partner. Instead of being conscious of muscle contractions, I focused on accuracy of my punches, my footwork coordination, hand position and repetition. Martial arts training is not an easier workout by an means. I would say it can be even more of a challenge because you are required to use so many more body parts at a constant pace, as you are growing mentally in the training process you are physically being drained from the repetition and resistance type training.

Another great reason to do martial arts training, key work being Art. Marital art is a form of self expression, everyone in the gym has their own rhythm, and this makes for interesting sparing sessions. My set up and delivery of a punch or a kick will be different than my opponents and this makes the class exciting, sort of like a live chess match just remember to keep it friendly.

When I check in at my traditionl gym, the routine can be too slow pace for me… working out one muscle group at a time i.e bench press, biceps curls or squats. I love that too don’t get me wrong. But I prefer the all inclusive training, most classes feel like a full range of body workout. Boxing class, Muy Thai class or wrestling class require a lot of natural pushing and pulling movements.

If we are speaking honestly about the gyms as a whole and which one should you sign up for… You need both weight training and martial arts, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Weight training helps increase your resistance weight, while martial arts training will teach you how to defend yourself and improve you’re balance and accuracy. You will notice in most martial arts gyms especially in mixed martial arts gyms, you will have free weights available so you’re membership will give you a piece of both worlds. Another great thing about choosing a martial arts gym is the personal training. You can sign up for a coach specifically for weight lifting or martial arts and I think thats definitely added value.

So if you having been driving home from work and you’ve passed by a local martial arts gym. I encourage you to sign up for a free week of training. Try the kick boxing or Muy Thai class. Yes you will be sore, I know a lot of people use this as a check point on how good of a workout they did. I guarantee this type of training will be rewarding and you will need the epson salt bath and a second workout to break up the lactic acid build up in you're muscles.

*Naturl Grappler tip: before you go to any gym make sure you eat a healthy meal and stay hydrated. You will be exhorting a lot of energy so you will need fuel to be healthy and ready for the increased workload you are putting on your body.

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