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1st Blog Post

My very first blog post!

Today is a great day, thank you for joining me on this journey. *Allow me to introduce myself* My name is Justin (hello out there!), blogging out of Atlanta, Georgia, the peach state, the "A", the south! Yes indeed! I have lived down here for the majority of my life but, my parents are military vetrans and I moved around a few times. Let me think... I've lived in Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois at one point or another. Throughout my youth I admired star athletes in all sports basketball, football, futbol, baseball etc. In 1996 I was living in Atlanta, GA and I watched the olympics for the first time and saw Judo throws, boxing, blast double leg takedowns, fencing and I think either kickboxing or taekwondo matches. I use to sit in my living room and mimic these awesome athletes on TV. I didn't know that I could actually train to be as good as they were, I figured these martial artist were the same as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)! High paid athletes in their adult yrs that woke up and decided to make some money competing on a professional level. Speaking of professional wrestling, WWF was life (in the late 80's and 90's). Shout out to the Ultimate Warrior, Ahmed Johnson, Booker T, the Hart brothers (RIP Owen Hart), British Bulldog (RIP), 123 Kid and Shawn Michaels! Real spit those dudes kept me and my brother entertained every week! Needless to say I grew older and began to realize these weren't actors or jobbers, these were athletes that were dedicated and committed to their craft. When I began my training in 2001 in the discipline of grappling (H.S wrestling) I found something special, the lifestyle I live today is based on the principals martial arts have taught me. I am moving closer to my dream of dedicating my career and more importantly my life to the world that has taught me so much and I will never be able to repay! Thank you for joining me on this journey this is day 1 (June 20th 2016).

- Justin

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